My Papa had diabetes…

    And although we had a cautious lifestyle, a routine checkup revealed that something was wrong with me…

    My lifestyle wasn’t quite right and soon it seemed I’d have diabetes too. And the cautious lifestyle of my Papa, who regularly injected himself with insulin, wasn’t helping. There was something in our diet that was taking our lives downhill, since Diabetic Diet was not a thing then!


    I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with insulin injections. It was as if I saw my life turning into my Papa’s. So I began my research. And discovered that our so-called
    “right” diet…

    Was so absolutely wrong.

    The chickens we ate were unnaturally grown at a disgustingly fast rate. And meat?

    The longevity of your family’s life depends on your food choices!

    What you consume should depend on what you know about it, now the question is; do you?

    At KYF we help you in knowing your food, which unfortunately is not a common trait of the food industry because it impacts their business interests.

    Flour is a major part of our daily diet. While the conventional flour you eat is deprived of healthy ingredients like white flour, semolina and fibre, KYF has taken steps to specifically ensure that these healthy materials remain so that you eat ‘Whole Wheat Flour’ and not thin air.

    Our Whole Wheat Flour is fortified by adding Carbohydrates, Protein, Dietary Fibre, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, B Complex Vitamins, Sodium, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Phosphorus and Potassium through natural grains.

    So, step up, eat right & live longer. You already know where to start!



      KYF Whole wheat contains amounts of essential nutrients, dietary fibers and even spices. These raw ingredients on their own are powerful enough, but combined into one flavorful natural mix it’s a completely different story.


      Warm, spicy and nutty all at once, cumin is a type of spice that is made from the seeds of a plant called the “Cuminum cyminum” plant


      Flavorful, chewy and nutty, although Barley isn’t the highest on the popularity ladder of grains it has some very significant benefits to one’s health.


      Called by some as black cumin and by some as nigella. It’s plant is part of the buttercup family of plants. Black cumin produces an absolutely beautiful aroma when cooked.


      One of the world’s most ancient foods. Research suggests that flax seeds have been consumed for over 5000 years. Flaxseeds are rich with anti-inflammatory omega-3


      A true queen of spices that’s commonly found in tropical places. Cardamom is a queen that acts like a jack of all trades, it can be used to soothe asthma,


      Pearl Millet, also known as Bajra is rich in essential minerals like protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Due to its rich composition of minerals and proteins,


      Carom seeds or Ajwain are not seeds at all. They’re tiny fruits of their herbs. Raw they offer multiple medicinal benefits including accelerating your digestive system and providing relief to inflamed areas.


      Besan flour also known as gram flour is a specific type of flour that’s occasionally used instead of eggs in vegan cooking.


      Unrefined, raw wheat that’s full of all the natural goodness that you truly need. Whole wheat is a powerhouse of carbohydrates, dietary fiber and multiple nutrients.


      • Indigestion

        Present in our flour –  Whole unprocessed grains play a great role in preventing acid reflux (indigestion is commonly a symptom of this issue). Similarly, the carom seeds act as enzymes that boost one’s digestive process resulting in the rapid release of gastric juices. Keeping indigestion at bay. Pearl millet is rich with insoluble fibers that fasten the digestion process by decelerating the production of bile acids. And cumin contains enzymes that catalyze the process of digestion as well.

      • High Cholesterol

        Your cholesterol is kept in check with an array of dietary fibers that make you feel full, while ensuring that you eat less. A good example is gram flour. According to research gram flour not only helps lower levels of bad cholesterol but also significantly helps the increase of good cholesterol. Pearl millet consists of a certain phytic acid which hastens the cholesterol metabolism. Kalonji is another beneficial nutrient which may be able to lower high cholesterol levels. Other nutrients which lower levels of cholesterol include barley and cumin. (And they’re all in our recipe)

        High Cholesterol
      • Heart Diseases

        Whole grains are natural sources of dietary fiber. As opposed to refined grains which may prove to be poor sources of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is believed to maintain the cholesterol levels in one’s blood, lowering the risk of heart diseases. Not to mention that dietary fibers induce a feeling of fullness that naturally stop one from overeating. Our fortified flour also incorporates gram flour, a nutrient that’s rich in minerals, vitamins and fibers, it too helps in the reduction blood pressure and minimizes heart diseases.

        Heart Diseases
      • Constipation

        One of the most common reasons for constipation is a diet which is low in fiber content. The consumption of fortified flour full of grains like pearl millet and barley, may be able to transform your diet into a naturally fiber rich one.

      • Diabetes

        For one of the most common problems on the planet, pearl millet may be an excellent solution (it’s present in our wheat). It is a grain that decreases insulin resistance and its high amounts of fiber mean that digestion is slow and sugar is gradually released into the bloodstream. Another considerable solution is the intake of gram flour, which slows down the secretion of blood sugar, which in turn helps prevent diabetes. Add flaxseed, a nutrient which has a positive impact on blood sugar levels and kalonji which can also possibly help control blood sugar levels, and you’re all set.

      • Obesity

        Entailed in our whole wheat is a certain ingredient that repels weight gaining … Barley. Barley is digested slower than other edibles. Medically this means that it’ll have a more relaxed impact on one’s insulin and blood sugar level. However, on a more general note, whole grains are recommended by medical professionals since they are minimally processed.

      • Blood Pressure

        Whole grains positively impact a number of places which indirectly may induce the lowering of blood pressure. They aid in the control of one’s weight, decrease insulin resistance and increase one’s consumption of potassium. And all of the above factors link (be it after a stage or so) to the lowering blood pressure. Other than this, gram flour specifically prevents high blood pressure as it contains low levels of sodium. While cardamom reduces stress that in turn improves blood circulation. And barley contains high levels of potassium which help in the improvement of blood pressure.

        Blood Pressure


      The grains and seeds KYF - Know Your Food has chosen in Fortified Flour improves the nutrient profile of the product. It contains essential carbs, proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals that protect us against the cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, diabetics, cancer, liver problems, immune system and improve the brain cognitive development.
      We nutritionists are directly involved in counseling and educating the positive impact of healthy eating of our clients and patients, I feel proud to support this product.

      Dr. Munazzah - Nutritionist






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