“Know your food” is a brand made in the kitchen. Our first product of fortified whole wheat flour was never meant to be distributed commercially.

We made it out of concern for the health of our family.

The recipe of the flour was made after research regarding the ‘most necessary’ ingredients required in human diets. And the flour itself was brought to life by my mummy’s hands.

It wasn’t long before our relatives started asking for the flour. And we decided that the world would be better off with our recipe than without.

That’s it, in all its glory.


Empowering the masses through knowledge about the right food choices

To increase the longevity of people’s lives, leading them to leaving this world only when it’s their true time to do so.


My mummy made the recipe of fortified whole wheat flour, we’re an organisation that was purely made in the kitchen. We were formed because of our dire circumstances, and we would never like for anyone to ever face the struggles that we did.


We incorporate raw nature into everything we do. Because the world that was created for us is infinitely better than the artificial one we’ve created for ourselves.


Every product we release is backed by scientific evidence.


We want to spread the chain of “awareness”. So, if you only so much as begin to question the authenticity of every edible you pick up at the supermarket, if you just think of what you’re stuffing before you stuff into your mouth- We’ve accomplished our goal.