Published on: March 7, 2019


You’re sitting in their dining room.

“Have some Sprite beta,”

“No Aunty, I’ve stopped drinking cold drinks”

“Allaaa beta, Aunty keh rhi hain to peelo” says my mother

“Aunty, actually cold drinks have too much sugar na,”

“Acha, ye baat hai to mein diet mangwa leti hn” says Aunty getting up from her chair

“Beta! Look you’re making Aunty get up” says my mother with threatening eyes

“NHI, NHI AUNTY, I’ll drink it…. Akhir kaar, aap ke sprite ko kon mana krskta hai?”

My mother looks at me, subtly nodding her approval

And I’m forced to chug down what I know – is poison.

How much poison do you consume because of love?

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